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Where it all started

My love for flutes began with the Japanese Shakuhachi. As I learned to play and make these gorgeous flutes, I was blown away by the mastery of the Japanese craftsmen. Every detail and every measurement are labored over for sometimes months at a time, until perfection is achieved. It was here, spending years  learning to play and make these flutes, that I earned a doctorate in Flute Science from the School of Hard Knocks.


Branching out

 Once I was comfortable with my Shakuhachi skills, I became curious about the traditions of flutes from other parts of the world outside of Japan. I've always had a wide range of musical interests, so flutes were a way for me to explore many different cultures and musical traditions. In the process I learned to play, as well as to create, the Chinese Xiao, the Armenian Duduk, the Native American Flute, as well as the Irish Flute and Pennywhistle.


Reaching the world

It was from a lifelong fascination with  Irish Traditional music that I stumbled upon the humble Pennywhistle. I had been listening to its lovely tones for a decade without realizing what exactly was making the sounds I had come to love.  Once I discovered its identity, I tried playing many different brands. Having already been spoiled by the immaculate performance of the Shakuhachi flute, I was quite unimpressed with the whistles I had acquired. I couldn't afford one of the elusive whistles from the master makers like Copeland or Sindt, so I decided to make use of my imaginary doctorate in Flute Science to design a Pennywhistle which lived up to the tonal standard of the Shakuhachi, without breaking anyone's wallets along the way. Little did I know I would soon sell over 1200 of these little wonders to over 40 countries and counting.